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tusen tack vi äslkar ni!

I finally saw them! Last night was incredible even though there were many old, drunk, idiot poeple from Oulu, yeah the gig was here so what else could you expect? well I knew poeple from Oulu could be annoying but the crowd last night, most terrible ever. There were many rude people, stepping over you, stepping on your feet, crusing in finnish (sayin how swedes suck and so no) seriously, if you cannot stand swedish nor swedes, why the hell would you like to come watch a swedish band and then expect Jocke to talk in english or finnish? fucking idiots! They are from Sweden we were in Finland and last time I checked our country was fucking bilingual which means you can use Swedish or Finnish here. Other than some stupid poeple, the gig was amazing. It was everything I ever thought it would be and even better. The guys were energic, happy, great. Jocke kept telling jokes, laughing and at the end of the gig he threw his writs-band to this fan who asked to have it...What else can I say..I laughed my heart out, jumped, cheered. Took pictures and 13 videos, shame I didn't get to meet them, I don't think anyone did, they just disapepared lol.But they did come back 2 times, after the first comeback like half of the crowd went away cause they thought they quit and back they came hahhaah <3 and the best thing was, they sang both Socker and 747!!!! Gaah *dies*

Official merchandise table. Couldn't by anything since I didn't have any cash on me,
decided to order some shirts later.

There the prince is <3

He stripped for us, was wearing a coat earlier.

This pic is my phone quality but it captured the lights perfectly!

After 2h we stapepd out of the first lines since this man kept crowding me
stupid fuck!

Set list:

1. Vy från ett luftslott
2. Sundance Kid
3. Socker
4. Revolt III
5. Palace & Main
6. Berlin
7. Columbus
8. LSD, någon?
9. Romeo återvänder ensam
10. Generation ex
11. Den döda vinkeln
12. Musik non stop
13. Kärleken väntar
14. Ingenting
15. Om du var här
16. Dom andra

encore 1:

17. Kevlarsjäl
18. Vinternoll2
19. 747

encore 2:

20. Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)

Remarks: Om du var här and Dom andra was played in new and mixed together versions. Support: Familjen.

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